sam, a german shepherd dog in florida

sam, ein deutscher schaeferhund in florida


Pius von Thürlesberg - my Sammy-boy - ist 1 Jahr alt auf diesem foto, April 18, 2004

This website belongs to Pius vom Thürlesberg ( called Sam), a German Shepherd Dog living in Orlando Florida.
Those pages are all about him, pictures, diary and hopefully some accomplishments to brag
about. I have added my favorite dog related links, listed my book collection and I keep adding
the funnies people send to me that are about dogs.
Any visitor that stumbled upon this website is welcome to look around, I love to get emails, so
send me a note if you like :-)

Evelyn + Sam


Sam, Pius von Thürlesberg, a german sheperd dog in florida, pictures, favorite links, stories, private homepage

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